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Reggae remains the most popular music worldwide.

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

A recent study indicated that reggae is one of the top ten genres of music worldwide. The IFPI Engaging with Music Report 2022 found that 34,000 people from 18 countries listen to over 500 genres of music. This highlights how diverse the global music landscape is, with several genres popular in different areas and with different people.

The IFPI Engaging with Music Report indicated that individuals listen to 8 genres on average. This number is higher among music enthusiasts like audio streaming subscribers and vinyl buyers. Both groups average 9 music genres.

These data show that music listeners globally have various interests and that different groups like different genres.

Local music is popular worldwide, and each region and country has its own musical traditions, according to the study.

The study found that music listeners worldwide like over 500 genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, dance/electronic, Latin, classical/opera, R&B, soundtracks, country, and reggae.

These genres were among the top 10 worldwide, while regional rankings varied.

Top 10 Favourite Genres Globally

  1. Pop

  2. Rock

  3. Hip-hop/Rap

  4. Dance/Electronic

  5. Latin

  6. Classical

  7. R&B

  8. Soundtracks

  9. Country

  10. Reggae

In Brazil, pop, rock, and hip-hop/rap were the top three genres, while in Nigeria, Afrobeats, sertanejo, and gospel were. In Mexico, norteño, samba/pogade, and gospel were the top three genres, whereas in India, pahari folk, classical/opera, and hip-hop/rap were.

These findings show the global diversity of music and the many regional genres individuals appreciate.

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