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Afrofuturism is the Future !

Updated: May 26, 2021

Afrofuturism can be viewed as the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science and technology from the perspective of an African worldview. Afrofuturism is essential to cultural development and and growth. Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Sun Ra and George Clinton have been some of the leading figures of this important phenomenon.

According to Nova Sparks, author of the Dome Trilogy. 'In Afrofuturism, we imagine ourselves and create whole worlds where we not only achieve greatness, but we are thriving in our own culture. There is a reason why films like Black Panther and novels written by Octavia Butler resonate so much in the African diaspora.'

This reimagination have been generations in the making and it occurred all over Africa and the African Diaspora. Fela Kuti the innovator of Afrobeat is considered among its leading lights, so too is John Coltrane and Bob Marley, despite major attempts to mute Marley's militant and revolutionary powers.

Despite naysayers, there is no future without Afrofuturism, and rest assured, the reimagining is in full effect; it's a world within which as Taylor Crumpton noted 'an individual can be whole, can aspire to greatness outside of the confines or perceptions of reality.'

The future is in the hands artists such and Chronixx and Janelle Monae who are continuing the traditions laid by the legends of futuristic Black expression.

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Mar 18

I am following in my Brothers foot steps

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