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Reggae Brand Cooyah reopens flagship store in Kingston Jamaica

KEMET is pleased to announce the relaunch of Cooyah at its flagship retail outlet located at 96 Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

The reemergence of the legendary apparel brand in the Jamaican market is driven by KEMET, a New York-based conglomerate led by Gary Codner, former Cooyah Managing Partner and Director of Sales & Marketing and his team. Cooyah and KEMET signed a strategic partnership to expand Cooyah’s product line, availability, market base and scale e-commerce. This partnership combines the expertise of both companies to develop and accelerate new customer experiences in stores and online, using a range of KEMET’s brand-building solutions.

Cooyah’s influence on Jamaica’s fashion industry and popular culture runs deep. Despite the absence of a proprietary retail presence in Jamaica for the past decade, the brand maintains a strong following. It continues to reflect the identity and pride of the Jamaican people thanks to its affiliation to reggae culture, art, and the country’s entertainment industry.

The flagship relaunch will feature the iconic, nostalgic designs that enjoyed tremendous success historically paired with the release of new pieces inspired by talented young designers. The new collections are nested under the Colours, Cooyah Vintage, and Cooyah Premium product lines.

Cooyah and KEMET collaborate with local and international brands and designers, including Zaid of Kingston Z194, Kasgil and Cassidy Benson. In addition to products from Cooyah’s core product lines, its retail outlet will sell fashion and footwear from designers like Psycho Bunny, Cooyah by Blanco and Clarks, and hand-painted sneakers by Homer Bair Zaid and AmarieArt.

KEMET’s vision is to drive Cooyah’s growth in the global fashion industry by building on its legacy as a brand synonymous with reggae, dancehall culture and Jamaican authenticity. KEMET is determined to take the brand to new heights, focusing on quality products and unparalleled customer service. Its creative marketing will continue to be driven by and aligned with emerging social movements, positive lifestyles and cultural events.

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